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Termoflux Engenharia

Specialty Projects

In the area of civil engineering, we are technically able to carry out all projects required by licensing entities. These are carried out internally, without the need to resort to external agencies, which gives the client real control of the process and allows an efficient and rapid correlation of specialist solutions.


INCI - Institutuo da Construção e do Imobiliário Termoflux Construção

Quality of Work

With its own construction licence (No. 65732), Termoflux is established and expanding in this area. This expansion, against the economic trend, is due to quality of our work and the permanent availability of the whole team in order to meet the expectations of our clients.

We also provide an inspection service for works and Health and Safety within the construction field.

Consulting and Auditing

Termoflux Certificação

The Construction and Renewable Energy Sector

The continuing need to achieve the desired comfort at home, together with competitiveness and demand in the real estate sector leaves little margin for goods or services of poor quality.
Termoflux provides inspection and consultancy services for companies connected to the construction and renewable energy sector, improving the quality of their products and services via the qualified knowledge of our senior management.

Energy Certification

Termoflux Certificação Energética

Energy Efficient Solution - A and A+ Certification

Since January 2009, any building, new or existing, destined for habitation or services must have an energy certificate when it is transmitted or leased.

We are especially trained to provide an easy solution for the needs of the owner. Our technicians will work with you to define a time to suit your needs, with a view to certifying your property.

Acoustic Laboratoy

Termoflux Laboratório de Acústica Acreditação IPAC - Instituto Português de Acreditação

Building Acoustics

The Acoustics Laboratory of Termoflux is accredited by IPAC, to carry out acoustic tests in the scope of building acoustics and possesses all the equipment and its own laboratory.

According to the terms of Art. 34º do DL 09/2007 (General Noise Regulations) from the 1st February 2011 acoustic tests and measurements can only be undertaken by accredited laboratories.

Property Survey

Termoflux Engenharia e Certificação Energética Acreditação IPAC - Laboratório de Acústica

Property Survey

The property survey or certificate of Real estate Quality is an innovative service that confirms - through high-tech instruments and specialized technicians - the technical quality and state of conservation of new or used properties.
The Termoflux CQI is signed by four senior technicians (Civil Eng.º, Electrical Eng.º, Mechanical Eng.º and qualified RCCTE expert) and by the Termoflux laboratory of acoustics which is accredited by IPAC and which guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the data presented.

Holiday Rental Property

Termoflux Engenharia e Certificação Energética

Hygiene and Safety Requirements

The new legal Regime for tourist resorts creates a new type of establishment for tourism - Local Accommodation.

Termoflux is qualified to obtain all the elements necessary for the issue of Local Rental licences.

Real Estate Valuations

CMVM - Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários avaliarcasa.com

Expert Valuers

In an increasingly competitive market knowledge of market values is imperative for anyone with an eye for an opportunity. If you are planning to sell real estate, this service will give you a current market value, in an impartial and independent way without any inconvenience to you.