Property Survey

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Property Survey

The property survey or Certificate of Real estate Quality (CQI) is an innovative service that confirms - through high-tech instruments and specialized technicians - the technical quality and state of conservation of new or used properties.
The Termoflux CQI is signed by four senior technicians (Civil Eng.º, Electrical Eng.º, Mechanical Eng.º and qualified RCCTE expert) and by the Termoflux laboratory of acoustics which is accredited by IPAC and which guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the data presented.

Advantageous service for:

Developers, Real Estate Agents, Owners, Investors.


  • Confirmation that the job is being carried out in conformity with the initially approved project
  • With objective data the contractor can be required to correct any defects in construction, before the final handover of the work
  • The certificate of Real Estate Quality is a marketing tool to be used in all communication relating to the work, because it allows the project to be differentiated, assisting the consumer in his choice
  • A selling point: owner and mediator can “prove” the quality of the property
  • Accelerates the process of buying and selling: “Guarantee” of the real conditions of the property, giving confidence to the buyer
  • The final report is comprehensive and includes the result of the inspection of thermal and acoustic insulation, plumbing, gas, water and sewerage, electricity and finishes. Identifies strengths and weaknesses (in this case, suggesting corrective actions needed to solve the problem)


Diagnostic equipment most commonly used in real estate evaluations are:

  • Thermographic Camara - -to evaluate the thermal insulation
  • Sound Meter - to measure the acoustic insulation
  • Noise Generator and Percussion Machine
  • Carbon Monoxide Meter and Pressure Gauge - for detecting gas leaks in pipes
  • Water Pump / Charge Test - which checks for water leaks in pipes