Energy Certification

Termoflux Certificação Energética

Energy Efficient Solution - A and A+ Certification

Since January 2009, any building, new or existing, destined for habitation or services must have an energy certificate when it is transmitted or leased.

We are especially trained to provide an easy solution for the needs of the owner. Our technicians will work with you to define a time to suit your needs, with a view to certifying your property.

ADENE - Agência Para a Energia

In addition to the energy certificate, our qualified experts will indicate what improvements can be made to increase the energy efficiency of your property.

The Energy Certificate legislation is also geared towards the marketing of your property, as well as a potential increase in its value. The energy certificate is valid for a period of 10 years. There are also tax benefits for those who have energy class A and A+ property.

Eficiência Energética

Given the constant evolution of the real estate market and the growing demand for quality by the final consumer, it is essential to design and build with quality. Termoflux-Engenharia e Certificação Energética presents an innovative service that consists of the drawing up of the housing project in order to ensure that its energy efficiency class will not be less than A. Beyond the project phase, our solution also focuses on the construction of your property to ensure that the requirements and rigor of the project are complied with at the work stage.

The costs associated with these solutions are exactly the same as for a conventional construction, because we intend to optimize the entire process and make your investment lucrative.

Tax benefits of a class A and A+ property

Certificado A & A+


All properties classified in category A or A+ with an energy certificate benefit from an increase of 10% on the limit established for deduction from the assessment in the case of “interest and amortization of debts incurred with the acquisition, construction or renovation of buildings for personal and permanent residence.” This means that we pass from a limit of 586 Euros to 644.60 Euros. (Legal basis: paragraph 6 of article 85 of the CIRS).


Businesses that invest in solar equipment can amortize the respective investment in four years, as the maximum rate of reintegration and amortization applicable is 25%. This is an important measure, as it allows for the amortization of the cost of solar energy systems over four years, regardless of other incentives. (Legal basis: Regulatory Decree No. 22/ 99, October 6).


Buildings which use environmentally sustainable techniques, active or passive (e.g. solar or wind energy) benefit from a reduction of up to 10% in the amount of IMI payable. At the time of the first assessment for calculating the patrimonial value of the property, there is an abatement of 5% and 10%, respectively, for residential properties and buildings destined for commerce industry and services.