Acoustic Laboratoy

Termoflux Laboratório de Acústica Acreditação IPAC - Instituto Português de Acreditação

Building Acoustics

The Acoustics laboratory of Termoflux is accredited by IPAC, to carry out acoustic tests in the scope of building acoustics and possesses all the equipment and its own laboratory.

According to the terms of Art. 34º do DL 09/2007 (General Noise Regulations) from the 1st February 2011 acoustic tests and measurements can only be undertaken by accredited laboratories.

Acoustic tests carried out by non accredited companies will not be accepted by the Municipal authorities.

Accredited Tests:

  • Measurement of sound insulation and aerial sounds between divisions. (DnT,w)
  • Measurement of sound insulation and aerial sound of facades and elements of facades (D2m,nT,w)
  • Determination and assessment of the noise level arising from the collective equipment of the building (LAr,nT)
  • Testing the measurement of sound insulation and percussion sounds between floors (L’nT,w)